First quarter


I know you’re all curious about my speed dating results. Well, I made 4 matches out of 20 but it’s not as good as it sounds because they were all “friendship” matches. Clearly I’m not what you’d call dating material.

This is not what I expected. I was hoping for a 20/20 score and hot girls calling me in the middle of the night and yelling “Take me now!” or “Can you be here in 10?” accompanied by an endless stream of sexts on my mobile phone. Man, my fantasy crashed and burned!

So I thought about the only thing I could do in this situation. I decided to take the advice of a self-made self-help guru who’s transformed the lives of millions of people. Ladies and gentlemen this is Jon Lajoie:

I like that quality of life increases in a straight line as you give less of a fuck. 😀 What a great concept!

Funny story about the video, I once sent this link to a French girl and the very next day she was fired. 😀 I couldn’t stop laughing once I heard about it. 😀 I’m pure evil! 😈

Change of topic. Last week I ran four personal best times (5K, 6.5K, 8K and 10K runs). I liked that. I kept telling myself “run like you mean it”, “run with purpose” and “I can, I can, I can”. The last one is from Bear Grylls’ autobiography. All that mantra really helped.

Sadly this week things are a bit different. Since I’m running a half marathon this Sunday I need to take it easy and save all my energy to kick ass during the race. Doing that is a bit harder than I thought… running slower than I could is a bit depressing. Weird! I’m hoping for a good time in my race (<100 minutes) and I know I can do it. Wish me luck!

Today is also my 25th birthday. I baked a cake (it’s a chocolate sponge, a true culinary masterpiece) and made a wish as I blew out the candles. I also received a letter (an actual snail mail letter in an envelope with a stamp and all) from the company where I had a job interview about a week ago. I wasn’t surprised when I read that a different candidate was selected for the position. Happy birthday indeed! I needed to watch the above video after I cried myself a river. I’m all good now.

Stay tuned till next time. I’ll write about my half marathon.


Speed dating


I took the bus because I didn’t want to get stressed about finding a parking spot in the CBD. Besides you already know my parking skills are crap. 😀 I didn’t want to risk getting another “insulting” message on my windscreen.

The first girl was interesting. She had a lot of questions and just kept firing at me. The conversation was largely one way – I didn’t find out much about her but she seemed great.

That place was crowded. And LOUD! Sometimes I could barely hear/understand what the girl was saying.

I noticed that girls didn’t ask any interesting questions. They played it safe and only asked about where I was from, what I did for work, my studies… job interview stuff. Seriously, who gives a fuck about that kind of stuff? Man was I bored, so I had to interrupt the interrogation. I had several interesting questions up my sleeve. For example I asked them what superpowers they would like to have or how would they design Lady Gaga’s dress or what kind of time travelling would they like to do or if they were Taylor Swift who would be their next squeeze… things like that. Some of the answers were really funny and I had a good time.

I noticed a strange phenomenon. Once the bell rang we were all strangers again. The 4-minute date is quite magical when you think about it.

One lady was a real Ice Queen and only answered “yes” or “no”, “I don’t know” or “I’ve never thought about that”. God damn it bitch, there are no right and wrong answers, just wing it! She almost turned me into a suicide case. She was attractive… with all that make-up but she seemed to be hollow. And then she yawned right in my face. That was a big no-no. I just didn’t want to talk to her after that.

The last girl was electric. She had a lot of energy and seemed a bit funny with her gestures and fast talking. She was lovely.

It took about three hours to finish twenty 4-minute dates with several brakes in between. I was glad once the talking was done. Finally I could catch my breath and leave. It was way past bedtime (I usually wake up at 4:45 to go running).

I don’t know how “well” I did and whether I made any matches but it was a good way to spend an evening with hot single girls in their prime childbearing years. 😀