Some things never change


One guy from work had this genius idea that we should all go and watch cricket together. I thought it’s a good opportunity to get to know each other a bit more in a non-work environment and said yes. I wasn’t too excited about cricket because I remembered my last time I saw the game in Australia. It was boring as hell.

Friday arrived and after work I went to the game. I wasn’t too happy about it because there was a party at my dancing school. I’d rather go there than watch cricket. But hey… opportunities for social capital are few and far between.

Having extensive knowledge of my last cricket game experience I decided to buy a few drinks before I sat down. The logic I used was the same as when men consume alcohol to make the women look good again. Armed with my cider I bravely marched towards my seat of death by boredom.

Most of my other work mates were already there. They all knew I didn’t know much about the game. One guy explained me what it was all about and he did a great job. Now I know the gist of it but more knowledge didn’t do a thing to decrease the boredom.

I wanted to leave after the first half (alright that’s a lie, I wanted to leave after the first 10 minutes) but thought it would be rude to do so. So there I was – sitting in the sun, sweating like a pig, without sunglasses, trying to fake some interest but c’mon guys, nobody can fake for 3 hours. Nor did the alcohol help. I was glad when it ended. I walked home knowing that tomorrow would be a good day. How right I was…

Changing gears matafakas

Any way you want it, just the way you need it, any way you want it…

Epic Pause


Tomorrow – that awesome day I’ve been looking forward to – arrived. Canada called me and woke me up. She asked me where I was – we were supposed to meet up in London. I did a bit of planning and took the train.

By the way I met Canada in Australia (you should know that if you read my blog, if you don’t shame on you!!!). We went on a road trip on the east coast and watched an opera in the Sydney opera house back in the day.

She had not changed a bit. We spent the whole day doing touristy things – for example walked in Hyde Park and saw the Buckingham Palace. That was pretty much it. We didn’t really care much about that stuff… we only had eyes for each other. 😀 We also watched Godzilla. Man, that’s an awesome movie!!! I loved it!

I like that about London i.e the fact that I can still meet my friends from Australia. I guess the UK’s not that bad after all.

I was jealous of all her stories. She did a 2 month eurotrip. Hiked in the Alps and what not. My personal best marathon time and passing an exam was no match to her highlights. She inspired me. I need to spice up things a bit. I need action… I don’t know what I’ll do but I’m slowly dying here.

My good friend Einstein once said that you can’t expect to get different results by doing the same things. I need change. I want to feel alive again.

Rachel and me near the Buckingham thing

Rachel and me near the Buckingham thing

Looking normal

Looking normal


First month in Chelmsford



Life is very quiet here, I’m not really doing anything exciting. The highlight of my week is Tuesday evening when I take my Latin dancing classes. It’s good to spin those girls and dance with noobs. The last time I twisted a girl’s arm a bit (I wasn’t trying to do anything fancy, she just wasn’t following) and we learned some dips which were very entertaining because the girls don’t trust me to hold their weight in my big muscular arms :D. Oh… sometimes I wish I could do a dip 😀    Nope. Not really.


I resumed my running training. So far I’ve run 53, 59, 59 and 65 km per week. I also bought a heart rate monitor after doing some research. I read an article Want speed? Slow down! by Phil Maffetone.  That article convinced me to give it a shot so I bought the heart rate monitor. Basically the whole idea is to run at or slightly below your maximum aerobic heart rate (180-age-5 if injured) and build your running base. In time your body will be able to run faster while keeping the same heart rate. So far I’ve only run 3 times with my HRM and I’m slowly getting used to the feeling of running at the correct heart rate.

By the way the roads were better in Brisbane for running. Also Brisbane had lots of bats but here we’ve got many squirrels and birds who sometimes scare the crap out of me on my runs. For the record… I’m not afraid of those little creatures per se, it’s just that sometimes they fly out of the bush making all kinds of noise when you least expect it. I’m sure these little bastards are the real reason why some runners get heart attacks and die on their runs.

If you remember in a previous post I wrote that I got a job at a financial advice company (technically it’s an IFA – independent financial advisor). You might recall that I needed to pass a series of exams if I wanted to become an IFA. Let’s just say that I started studying for my first exam. I haven’t booked an exam date (you can take the exam every week or so) yet since I’m new to the financial services regulatory world in the UK – my first exam will be in markets, ethics and regulation. Once I feel a bit more confident I’ll take the exam.


I’ve lost weight since I left Australia. I was 80 kg when I left Brisbane. Two months in New Zealand shaved off 5 kgs and now since I’ve started training I’ve lost another 3 kgs. Today in the morning I weighed 72 kg. I need to start eating more crap!!!

I remember Vera (the German girl I travelled with in NZ) once told me her New Year’s resolution. She said with that cute cheeky smile of her’s… “What if this year I’ll do the exact opposite of what I normally do? This year my resolution is to get fat!” 😀   I just laughed because I thought that was such a ridiculous idea. Usually people get fat because they’re lazy as fuck – not because they want to. But hey… I wish her luck with her endeavors.


Alright back to the UK. I still haven’t received my money back from Turkey. Yesterday I filed a fraud report and hope that this will help me get my funds back. Long shot, I know. The last message from Turkey said that his mother died and he’s in Turkey blah-blah-blah… besides that he’s been ignoring all of my messages from the last 2 weeks. Turkey has my UK bank account details and could’ve made the transfer any day. He’s being a dick about it and that’s why I opened the fraud case.


I have days when all I do is wish to be back in Australia. The other day I saw a girl on a scooter and my heart skipped a beat or two because I thought it was Maria. Awwwww, shut up! Every now and then my Australian friends share an update or a video on WhatsApp and all that triggers so many memories of my life in Brisbane. It was a good chapter. A chapter I’d like to visit again.

Ivar the Dreamer

As a door closes


Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere. Paulo Coelho

I’m about to board the plane to New Zealand. I’ve been in Australia for exactly 2 years and it’s been a magnificent time. I’ve made many friends, tried out new things and collected a great amount of awesome memories. Yes, I’ve had my downs but the ups were much greater.

Yesterday’s farewell party was a big success.

I’m so glad I’ve got such amazing friends. I’d like to say thanks to all the people who made my stay in Australia so memorable. Especially:

Oliver: your sense of humor and attitude towards life always make me smile 🙂

Mazza: your lack of comprehension of the English language created many hilarious situations. Thanks for the laugh. 😀

Caroline, Barry, Michelle, Neil, Emma, Paul, Priit and Mihkel it was great knowing you all. I will always remember our trips to Seventeen Seventy and Bargara.

Peeter: you’re one of my best friends and will always be one. I’m glad we could travel around Australia and fondle our guy love.

Rachel:  It’s business time… Every now and then I find myself singing “I’m a lumberjack  and I’m OK…” Thank you for bringing so much laughter and joy into my life.

Benn: the best housemate ever. I loved stealing your food and will miss it a lot. I hope you will be able to get more sleep now that I’m not using the blender at 5AM anymore. Be kind to my guitar and make sure to sell all my shit. Love ya! Please send me food to New Zealand.

Emily: the first girl I’ve asked to marry me. Ever! If only Benn hadn’t been in the way. Maybe in another life 😀 I look forward to stealing your vegan ice-cream. Nom-nom-nom! You’re funny when you’re drunk 😀

My Australian family in Mackay: I’ll miss you Annette, William and Jon. You guys rock!

Estelle, Hugo, Michael: you were my best guests, I enjoyed hosting you and hope that I’ll meet you guys again some time somewhere

Diana and Heather: Princess and H, I will miss your laughter and positive uplifting vibe.

Chamara and Hazem: Was good knowing you guys, take care!

Yvonne: You’ve said more mean things to me than anybody else. Sometimes after talking to you I feel like crawling into a deep dark cold hole and never coming out. I’m amazed at all the things you can say and get away with it because you are so beautiful and innocent and good. I love you very much! 😀 I will miss your facial massages 🙂

Vinh: Petrol, you’re a good friend. I could always count on you. I will have my revenge in Twister!!! XOXO

Helen and Ian: thank you for introducing me to the world of Latin dancing. The lessons were always entertaining and something to look forward to. I will always remember when Helen and Maria danced kizomba… the hottest thing ever 😛

Most of all, I will miss Maria. You know what they say. In every man’s life there comes a time when he gets struck by the arrow of Cupid, by the love of God or the beauty of a woman. Sometimes this love brings thunder into your life and it brings a storm. Think about it… It was a magnificent storm. I cherished every moment. I never got enough of you, I was never bored, it was always difficult to say goodbye to you. You are perfect!  I loved dancing with you, holding you in my arms, caressing your hair, feeding you blueberries and kissing your cold blueberryblue lips. I’ll always remember that smile when I told you I loved you for the very first time. It. Was. Beautiful. PS: Yes, I will buy new clothes in New Zealand… only because I love you, not because I need any.

Thank you for the card everybody!!!

As the plane’s door closes I think of you all. Every one of you played an important role in my life, some more than others but that’s always the case. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I’m not sure there I was heading and I still don’t. So maybe it’s a good thing this door is closing after all… Fuck you Australia! Here I come New Zealand!!!

A sales pitch like no other


The pitch! I’m selling my car and I thought that I didn’t just want to list its specs in the ad. I decided to do a bit more work. With the help of my friend Google and the genius of my brain I came up with what is surely a world class sales pitch. It deserves every advertising prize out there.

Without further ado:

Festiva (1)

My dear mainstream carlover, who’s always dreamed of a fancy BMW, Mercedes or Lexus or some other peace of sh*t. Stop being a f*g and forget about all that cr*p. Instead, buy a good never-fail old-school p*ssymagnet – Ford Festiva 1997.

This car has a massive state of the art 1.5 litre petrol engine. This ride will ensure you will blast ahead of all your enemies like a boss. Hot chicks will salute you “sieg heil”-style with their erected nipples because you are their “führer”. Never worry again about seducing a hitchhiker because they will all want you, because you are cool… and you really are… because you drive a Festiva.


The specifications:

* According to a recent study, the roar of the engine is just as sexy as Vin Diesel’s voice after 3 days of drinking.

* This car came out of the Bangladesh factory in 1997 which is a remarkable year. You can tell all your friends about your car’s history because in 1997:

** Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a car crash in Paris, the only survivors drove a Festiva

** El Nino forms in the oceans between Australia causing unstable weather conditions including hurricanes and drought in the Southern Hemisphere and colder temperatures in the North but no Ford Festiva owner was affected by it.

** Mike Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear during a match and is suspended from boxing. In a recent interview Mike told his fans how much he loved his Festiva which had more than enough room for his boxing gloves in the glove compartment.

** Tiger Woods at 21 years of age became the youngest ever golfer to win the Masters, he drove a Ford Festiva to the match.

** Steve Jobs returns to run Apple Computers, also driving a Festiva. He and Tiger used to carpool.


* 4 brand new tires

* Brand new battery with 2 year replacement warranty

* 3 new wipers

* New oil filter and engine oil

* Replaced brake fluid

* TomTom GPS

* Rego until 20 May 2014

* Safety Certificate / RWC included


Best to contact me between 3PM and 9PM.

If you are from Africa and try to scam me, do not waste my time because I will swim across the ocean and find you in your dirty hut and slap your face with an ultimate punch right to the face.



Pulitzer here I come…

Ivar the greatest salesman in the world

Pretty in Pink


Flashing. I know it’s been almost two months since my last post. I didn’t write because quite frankly not much was happening in my life. I was unemployed for most of that time. Having no money closes many doors.

My financial situation didn’t allow me to continue taking Latin dancing lessons. So I took a break until a friend of mine mentioned a really cool thing to me. H said there was going to be a flash mob in Brisbane and it’s only $40 to participate. I signed up immediately – I’ve been wanting to do a flash mob for a long time.

We practiced our choreography at least once a week and I did extra practice sessions with my awesome dancing partner Bunny. It was a very entertaining process.

Here’s a video of all the people worldwide practicing the same choreography:

I think it’s so cool that over 160 cities worldwide took part in the flash mob. To my knowledge the biggest group of flashers was right here in Brisbane – about 100 people.

FYI Bunny is a bit weird… you know like all women. She suggested that I should wear pink on the big day. I wasn’t very excited about her idea but decided to go through with it just because. I ended up wearing more pink than she did.

Here’s the video of us flashing in Brisbane. The clumsy tall guy wearing pink in the front row is me. 😀 Enjoy!

It was a thrill and I loved the experience. Just 30 minutes after our first performance we did the flash mob again at TEDxBrisbane during their lunch break. We spent the rest of the day having a picnic/BBQ in a park with some dancing. Thank you James (our instructor) for making this happen. You were fantastic!

Volunteering. This is another thing I wanted to do and several weeks ago I ticked this item off my bucket list. I went to a spring festival and volunteered in the ticket booth. It was super easy work but not very fulfilling. It wasn’t meaningful. Maybe if I had volunteered in a soup kitchen or something I would’ve felt better about myself… I might try that one day.


Work. About two weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to become a delivery driver. After all I had a car and I should use my resources in the most efficient way… said the homo economicus voice inside of me. “Luckily” I found a job. The interview was a very short one and they were happy to have me even though I’m driving a small hatchback Ford Festiva. They said that in the upcoming months before Christmas the number of small parcels will increase and they’re a bit bad for vans but perfect for small cars.

Anyway a day later I started my deliveries and discovered very quickly how stressful this job really was. For starters constant traffic noise, getting lost and dealing with upset customers were just some of my hurdles. Parking was a nightmare in the CBD and rush hour was never pleasant especially under time pressure – I had to deliver things before the shop/business closes. I wasn’t very happy about the pay either… to make decent money I’d need a van/ute. Deliveries with a van would double my income compared to the hatchback.

I did the courier driver gig for 6 days until I found a new job. This time I got a call from a plywood manufacturing company. I had applied for a job back there months ago and I didn’t even remember what the role was. I met the manager, had a quick talk and now I’m a process worker in that factory.

I’ve been there one week. It’s not a fancy job, but it pays the bills. I’m doing a bit of everything at the moment – working on the lathe, drier, gluer and press – all the production steps of plywood.

Until next time,

The Flasher in Pink

Experiencing the Outback and getting cultured


Getting a free ride in Sydney

My hostel was a total dump. I expected little but no toilet paper in the restrooms and no light bulbs in the lamps were a bit too much. The place was filthy.
I had trouble finding my room. Well that’s all my fault because I didn’t realize second floor meant THIRD floor.
Among other things a blanket was actually just a second bed sheet. The showers were awful and I didn’t dare to find out whether they had hot water. I just took off. Yes, I’m a bit of a princess.

They also took a $50 key deposit. Bastards! The reception was closed when I tried to check out at 7 AM to get to the airport. So I kept the keys and hope I’ll get my deposit back this Sunday when I’m back from Ayers Rock.

My back was still hurting when I walked and getting to Bondi Junction to meet Canada was a pain. I started walking towards Bondi hoping that I’ll find a bus stop along the road. I covered about half the distance until I managed to hop on a bus but the driver said “only prepaid tickets are allowed on this bus”…. I used my highly developed skills of persuasion and said “OK, sorry” and stepped off the bus. It worked like a charm! He waved me back in and gave me a lift for free. That’s how it’s done bitches!

Last time I saw Canada was in December on our road trip from Brisbane to Cairns. A lot has happened since. We had a pleasant polite conversation, drank lots of maple syrup and made fun of each other. Aaaaahhhh! We’re so mature! It was great to see her again.

A walk in a park

It was a Friday. I landed in Ayers Rock/Uluru – right in the middle of Australia. A bus took all the Australian Outback marathon runners to their hotels. Looking out the bus windows we could see Ayers Rock in the distance.

Some of my friends worried I’d end up in a wheelchair after the race. One of them sent me an email with information about back injuries. My symptoms were closest to sciatica – something was pressing on the sciatic nerve when I was walking which was causing my pain. I felt that I could do the 11 km walk and changed my race. Hey, I wasn’t able to run, even walking was painful. Sure, I’m stupid but not suicidal. There will be other marathons.

The best part of the day was the carbo loading dinner – mmmmm lots of all you can eat food. Nom-nom-nom-nom!!!

The next day was race day. It was pretty cold in the morning – around 2 or 3 degrees but about 1 hour into the race and it warmed up. I walked barefoot and was very very slow. I shared parts of my route with the half and full marathon runners. As the runners passed me they kept asking me whether I was OK. I understand why they did that – after all I was walking at the pace of a turtle. For a while I kept telling them I was alright but it got old really quickly. Then I opted for a different tactic.

Every time I heard a runner approaching from behind I turned over and clapped and gave them some encouragement e.g. “Go, go, go!” or “Have a good run!” or “Only 26 km to go!!!”. Most of them smiled then I did that so I continued with this until the very end of my 2h 47 min walk.

Several runners actually stopped and walked with me. Some of them just needed a break form running, others wanted to enjoy the scenery and some were just curious why I was walking barefoot in the desert.

FYI walking on “red earth” was really quite pleasant. It was very similar to walking on a beach – on nice and soft sand. The weather was perfect with clear blue skies and a 20-25 C temperature. You can’t wish for better conditions for a walk!

My finish was awesome! I had to do a 100 m semi-circle around the crowd before crossing the finish line and everybody kept cheering me on the whole time. What can I say… you get what you give! 😀

Even the commentator walked up to me with his microphone and asked me a question or two about the race! I felt speeeeecial! 😛

The Australian Outback marathon was a great experience!  I highly recommend it!

After the race I did some touristy stuff. I booked a helicopter tour around Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta. This was my first ever helicopter flight. I was more excited about being in a helicopter than seeing the rocks in the desert.

I thought the helicopter would have a lot of turbulence since it was such a small aircraft, but no. To my surprise the flight was very smooth.

Luck was also on my side – I got to sit next to the pilot and had a much better view compared to the people in the back. The tour was pretty cool!

Next day I thought my back would be killing me but I discovered I was virtually pain free instead. Good way to start a day! I didn’t do much until my flight back to Sydney.

Fat women screaming

After checking in to my second hostel I went back to the first one to give them the keys back and to collect my key deposit. Didn’t have any trouble doing that. Success!

One of the things I’ve been wanting to tick off my bucket list was seeing an opera at the Sydney Opera House. Several weeks ago I bought two tickets to La Traviata ($155 a pop) and got Canada to join me.

Fast forward to the opera, I picked up the tickets and waited for Rachel to arrive. She was late. The problem with that was that you can’t get in once the fat lady starts singing. I had to leave her ticket to the “doorwoman” so that she’d give it to Rachel. Usually they’d put the latecomers into a restricted viewing area where they could only hear the opera but couldn’t see anything. They’d have to stay there until the break. Canada was lucky to get in and see the opera from somewhere above me.

She found me during the break and we continued enjoying the show. OK, we didn’t really like the opera that much. Not exactly my thing but we had a good time commenting on the bloody thing.

Later I had to say goodbye to Rachel – this time probably for a very very long time, if not forever. I will remember her as the most captivating, ravishing, lovely, incredible, overwhelming, adorable, alluring, enticing and radiant girl I’ve ever met. I’ll remember her eyes which constantly shine with joy. And most of all I’ll cherish the memories of her unique ability to make me laugh like this:


I will miss you Rachel!

Ivar McDicks

Rock bottom


Some of my friends might remember what I said back in uni. I used to say that exercising was harmful for your health. I knew so many people who were always complaining that they can’t run or cycle or play basketball because of their knee or some other injury.  Now I’m one of those people… but I’ll get better and will be smarter about training in the future. It’s only harmful if you overtrain or go too far too soon.
I also thought that the gym was for the weak. I still think so. Hey, think about it. If you were as strong as Hercules you wouldn’t need a gym. You’d be done! Finished! 😀
I don’t know what I’ll do this Saturday. Maybe I’ll do the half marathon instead or the 11km or the 6km and just walk it. It’s rather disappointing – I’ve been looking forward to the marathon for so long.
At least it’s a good life lesson – things don’t always go as planned. You get hurt. And life can suck. Maybe I’m one of those people who have really bad luck. I think if it was raining pussy I’d still get hit in the head with a dick.
I’ve been in similar situations before. Hey, we’ve all been there… rock bottom… In my case there’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap and THEN there’s me. Hello! Yes, you’re smiling because you can relate to that. 😀

rock bottom
In retrospect all the bad stuff was just a bump in the road. Things got better, they always have and why would this time be different. I’m looking forward to the next day, marathon or not. Carpe diem!

Ivar the PepTalkGuy

Too dumb


I put my hands together and extended my index fingers – just like the hypnotizer instructed. Then he said that the fingers want to stay together but he challenged us to try to separate them. As I did that the fingers magically came closer and closer and closer until they touched. The man said that if my fingers came together I was a good subject for being hypnotized. Then he asked volunteers to come on the stage and my hand was waving fanatically.

People who are stupid can’t be hypnotized. That’s what I was told. Or maybe it was a joke? I will never know.

About 12 people were sitting on chairs on the stage and we were all hypnotized – except that it didn’t work on me. I kept my eyes shut and tried to relax and focus on his words but that had no effect on me.

Other than that the show was funny. He got people to dance like Elvis or like a chicken. People were laying square eggs, looking for their imaginary dog… He transformed several men into supermodels on a catwalk and got them to do lap dances for people in the audience. The guy sitting next to me was turned into a 4 year old girl who found his mother’s make-up kit and played dress up. I saw all that and it was real. They weren’t pretending.

Cool stuff. Thank you Princess for the tickets!

After the show I walked slowly back to Prince Charming’s car because my back was still hurting but at least I could walk (massive improvement).

I’ve done no running in the last 7 days. The most I could do is 3 seconds of jogging in one place. There’s no way I’ll be running a marathon this Saturday – that miracle recovery thing isn’t happening.

Ivar the Turtle

The steps that broke the camel’s back


I’m sure you’ve all heard of “the law of attraction”. There was a book about it and also a movie – The Secret. The law basically says that everything which happens to you is because you attracted it.

Well… yesterday I went running. It was supposed to be an easy 26 km run. In my book that’s a short distance for a long run. After about 15 km my lower back started hurting. I ignored the pain since it was unusual. It got pretty bad but I kept telling myself that the fastest way home would be to continue running.

After I got home and took a shower I wasn’t able to walk anymore. I couldn’t put my bodyweight into my right leg. And today wasn’t much different from yesterday.

It’s pathetic.

The law of attraction says that this is what I wanted and therefore the Universe replied. Thank you Universe! This is exactly what I needed just 12 days before my marathon. How can I ever repay you?

Okay, okay. I don’t really blame “the Universe”. I did this to myself – I knew it wasn’t a good idea to keep going but I just wanted to finish the distance because I was supposed to run it on Sunday, not Monday. On Sunday the Lizard was pretty convincing. I heard things like “hey, you’re tapering, it’s cold outside and it’s raining, you don’t want to risk getting sick  just two weeks before your marathon” and I gave in. On Monday I felt bad about it. Maybe my subconsciousness was punishing me for my lack of discipline? I ran because I thought I deserved to be in pain?

I’m a bit worried whether my back will let me race in Uluru at all. Soooo… things aren’t going too well right now but I’m hoping for a miracle recovery. Wish me luck!

Oh and… my vegan week was a success and it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined to change my diet. I’m continuing the vegan thing for a whole month.

Ivar the Cripple

A cake with a surprise


After my baking project I was sure I’d never bake anything again, until I was invited to a birthday party. My little social group was discussing gift ideas and I suggested a prank – an exploding birthday cake.

Everybody was in agreement that this was a good idea… unfortunately nobody volunteered for the task. Since I had a bit of experience with cakes I decided to take up this challenge.

I Googled some instructions and watched several YouTube videos to get an idea how the explosive cake was made. Basically you’ve got a tray and an inflated balloon is taped onto it. The whole thing is covered with some whipped cream and decorated like a normal birthday cake. As the birthday girl/boy cuts the cake open the balloon pops and the whipped cream explodes everywhere. That’s the gist of it.

I was making the first cake but I wasn’t gentle enough with the balloon. It popped as I was trying to tape it to the serving dish. Fail!

The second time I was a bit more careful, I also decided to put more air into the balloon to reach its maximum explosive potential. This time I even covered the thing with whipped cream. The problem was that decoration has never been one of my strongest skills – it looked rather gross and ugly. The birthday boy would have never believed it was a real cake.

After careful consideration I decided to throw the fugly thing into the trashcan. I knew I could do better.

Soon afterwards, a masterpiece was in the making. Cake 2.0 was a huge improvement – a bit smaller but much more realistic than its predecessor. I was confident it would paint half the restaurant white with whipped cream.

The next day we all got together for the birthday dinner… everybody had fun blah blah blah. We got the staff to serve the cake and everybody was singing “Happy birthday!” Here’s what happened:

Uhm… things didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was hilarious. Everybody was expecting a big bang but all it did was deflate. 😀 A failure can still be a great success!!!

On a different note, I decided to do a vegan week starting today. If it’s not too difficult I might continue longer. Here’s pretty much why I’m doing it: