Going the extra miles


My arms got tired and I just wanted to give up but Goldilocks and Shrek were below watching my every move. The slope wasn’t too big but it was challenging. All I wanted to do was let go and have Goldilocks lower me down to the ground but she didn’t. So I kept trying until I figured out what to hold on to and was able to climb to the top of the wall.

She had faith in me or the more likely explanation is that she just enjoyed watching me struggle. It felt great to reach the top. The rest of the day we climbed other walls, had fun doing it and got a decent upper body workout in the process.

Today I was planning to run a 32 km. It was part of my marathon training. The weather was great and I felt really good, so after my first 16 km run I thought that I should try running a full marathon i.e 42.2 km. 10K’s here or there didn’t really matter, I thought.


I thought wrong. The last 10 km were pretty difficult and I slowed down a fair bit. I wasn’t able to pace myself correctly for the whole distance. I was pretty happy once I finished. After all, this is a personal best for me – longest run so far. It took me 4h and 5min to finish.

It would be great if I was able to run a marathon faster than 3:08 – like my aunt did – but it seems that goal is too ambitious to achieve in 7 weeks. At least I know that I will finish the Uluru marathon. Today’s run gave me a decent confidence boost which I badly needed.

The thing is… for several weeks I’ve been having trouble making new personal best times and I’ve been taking a bunch of days off from running because of various pains in my legs. I was starting to doubt myself and after today’s run…





Part of my motivation was probably from Goldilocks. Yesterday she pushed me to try harder when I wanted to give up climbing that wall. I remembered how good it felt to reach the top. Today I wanted to feel that way again and I pushed myself a bit harder. It was difficult to wipe that smile off my face during my cool down walk. I really was enjoying that moment. Success!



New tricks and my second half marathon


The look in her eyes was pure horror. She laughed her way through the solo skydive but two days ago she was likened to a shaky leaf. Princess probably thought I’d drop and break her. Her concerns were valid since I’m hardly the strongest person on the block.

Picking up chicks was the easy part, lifting them a whole other matter. I was really glad to participate in the lifts and tricks workshop. The fancy moves we learned – backbends, between legs lifts, high lifts and the dirty dancing lift – are the very reason why I started Latin dancing.

It was very entertaining too! We had a bit too much fun as one of the instructors pointed out. 😀

The next day I was pretty sore because I’ve never really done any upper body training. It was good to practice the movements again during the social dancing night. I sure hope we made others look bad with our new bag of tricks. 😀

Dirty dancing lift

No dancing today. I had an early 5 AM start to get myself to a half marathon race (21.1 km). Not a big event though – I think about 400 people participated. As always, I ran barefoot.

My goal was to follow the 1:30 pacer and make a new personal best. Everything was going well until about the 6th km. That’s when I managed to cut my foot on a rock or something. The injury was near my big toe. That was the end of my good speed and I just focused on finishing the race no matter the time.

I was run-limping for most of the next 15 km. It sucked to see so many people pass me but it felt great to cross the finish line. I shot a big V with my arms for the finishing photo. As I crossed the line the voice from the speakers said my name and commented “he’s got the right attitude finishing with style, a barefoot runner”. That was so cool! Later, a bunch of people asked me questions about barefoot running, they were all so interested or just wanted to check whether I was fair dinkum or not.

All I know is that it took me about 1:45-2:00 to finish. No new personal best but I was pretty happy to complete my second half marathon. I hope to find out the official results tomorrow.


The trolls at work


A piece of me died when I stepped into the same building again.  Last year I worked on the NAPLAN project too and it was super boring. 1.5 years in Australia and I’m still in the same place… I’m a lot like Ted Mosby I think.

career and lovelife

I went to the kitchen area and as I scanned the newbies in the kitchen trying to decide where to sit, I suddenly saw this gorgeous woman. Being good mannered and all I moved in to keep her company… Aaah, she’s from Brazil. I should go there instead of New Zealand.

About two minutes into our conversation I found out she was married. The blood moved back into my brain and I didn’t feel like talking to her anymore. The memories of that dark and grim workplace started to came back to me. I sighed in utter despair. Oh, the things you have to do for money…

The saddest part was that I wasn’t the only one doing that project again. It really seems I’m one of those people who lead quiet lives of desperation.

We did a bit of super boring work, as expected. But then I got creative. I can’t help but let my mind wander when not doing anything interesting. So, there I was working with about 100 people in the same room typing stuff into a computer imagining that everybody else was a troll, just like in the pic and =3 video below. 😀


The trolls turned my frown upside down and time started to pass faster. The good thing is that I’ll be working there only for one month and I don’t have any super early starts anymore – no more 4AM shifts. I can go to work like a normal person again. It’s also closer to home so I might cycle or run to work to get a bit more exercise into my marathon training.

At the end of the day things weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Besides I might make some new friends too. Oh and did I mention… the female to male ratio is awesome! There are about 20 women/girls per man. Sweet!