Born to run

I’ve been doing quite a bit of running. As a kid I didn’t enjoy running that much. I got red in my face (I still do), I got stitches in my sides and I looked terrible during and after my runs (my acne didn’t help me either). Naturally I didn’t enjoy the experience.

Fast forward many-many years. A couple months ago I wrote a bucket list. #34 is to get a six-pack and #57  was learning to surf. I borrowed Emily’s surfboard and whenever I went surfing (read: splashing in the water desperately trying to put two feet on the board but always failing) I also went for a run at the beach. Sometimes where was a national park in the neighbourhood. Perfect! Beautiful girls are running in those parks. If I started running I would see more of them.. so I thought…

And that’s pretty much how it started.

There was a TED talk, Christoper McDougall was saying that people don’t need shoes to run. I thought that was interesting and wanted to put that idea into practice.

Among other things you will find out from the video that women weren’t allowed to run marathons before the 1980’s because of fears of their uterus being torn or falling out of its normal location. 😀 Oh… doctors and their worthless opinions…

Here’s another video. Professor Daniel Lieberman’s study about running barefoot:

In the beginning I ran every other day. After 6 weeks I thought I needed to approach my running with a bit more strategy. I was reading a running magazine and found a training schedule to increase my endurance. I quickly wrote it down and decided that this is what I’ll be doing. So far everything is going according to my training plan.

I also signed up to run the Twilight Run 2013 on March 24th. It’s my first ever half marathon (21.1 km)! My goal is to finish the race in less than 2 hours, ideally in less than 100 minutes. Wish me luck!


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