A cake with a surprise

After my baking project I was sure I’d never bake anything again, until I was invited to a birthday party. My little social group was discussing gift ideas and I suggested a prank – an exploding birthday cake.

Everybody was in agreement that this was a good idea… unfortunately nobody volunteered for the task. Since I had a bit of experience with cakes I decided to take up this challenge.

I Googled some instructions and watched several YouTube videos to get an idea how the explosive cake was made. Basically you’ve got a tray and an inflated balloon is taped onto it. The whole thing is covered with some whipped cream and decorated like a normal birthday cake. As the birthday girl/boy cuts the cake open the balloon pops and the whipped cream explodes everywhere. That’s the gist of it.

I was making the first cake but I wasn’t gentle enough with the balloon. It popped as I was trying to tape it to the serving dish. Fail!

The second time I was a bit more careful, I also decided to put more air into the balloon to reach its maximum explosive potential. This time I even covered the thing with whipped cream. The problem was that decoration has never been one of my strongest skills – it looked rather gross and ugly. The birthday boy would have never believed it was a real cake.

After careful consideration I decided to throw the fugly thing into the trashcan. I knew I could do better.

Soon afterwards, a masterpiece was in the making. Cake 2.0 was a huge improvement – a bit smaller but much more realistic than its predecessor. I was confident it would paint half the restaurant white with whipped cream.

The next day we all got together for the birthday dinner… everybody had fun blah blah blah. We got the staff to serve the cake and everybody was singing “Happy birthday!” Here’s what happened:

Uhm… things didn’t exactly go as planned, but it was hilarious. Everybody was expecting a big bang but all it did was deflate. 😀 A failure can still be a great success!!!

On a different note, I decided to do a vegan week starting today. If it’s not too difficult I might continue longer. Here’s pretty much why I’m doing it:




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