I passed my protection (R05) exam like a pro and headed out to meet France for a quick catch up before I left towards Amsterdam.  We organized to meet up in a bar and I got there before she did. So I ordered my drink … well, not exactly. I was standing at the till waiting patiently before I could order anything. This was the 31st October – Halloween.
In front of me was a woman in fancy dress – she looked a lot like a vampire or some other undead creature. She ordered two fancy drinks and it took ages for the barman to make them. The barman also fucked up the second drink and had to start all over again. Naturally we… well, she started talking to me because let’s face it – nobody can resist my charm.

In the spirit of Halloween she asked me who I was supposed to be. Without any thought I replied “a tourist”. She and the barman thought that was the funniest thing they’ve ever heard and they almost ROFLed. The vampire decided to buy me a drink in return for that entertainment. This was a historic moment for me because no woman has ever bought me a drink before. Just shortly after making history France popped in and I had to ditch the bloodsucker and move on.

The usual catch up followed and I had a good time chatting away with her. She was doing most of the talking as is always the case. I’ve always thought that France was very different from me but after this little meet I discovered that we’re more similar that I thought. I also liked the fact that she refused accepting my money for dinner. All I had was a cup of tea – the only vegan thing on the menu. I didn’t feel like going through the motions of customizing a dish with the waitress. So France ended up paying for my second drink that night.

Things were off to a good start for my holiday.

I met up with 4 Estonians in Amsterdam. I only knew two of them – we studied maths back in uni. My fellow Estonians only stayed for the weekend but I had bigger plans for Amsterdam.

The first day we did a bit of sightseeing, checked out a few pubs, weed shops, adult shops, the Red Lights District and the library. It wasn’t that exciting because nobody had made any plans. And the only reason I wanted to go to Amsterdam was to smoke a joint.

So we went to a coffeeshop and I bought two joints. Without any questions or fuss I was the proud owner of 2 joints for 9 EUR each. We headed back to our rented apartment to get stoned. It was a very happy evening.

The next day we decided to be a bit cultural and checked out the Van Gogh museum. This was the first time in my life I had to stay in a queue for 45 minutes to enter a bloody museum. I’m not an art person but I thought I might as well get cultured. I will never go back to that museum again.

After this rather boring experience we headed to the Vondel Park to get some lunch. One girl said she’d like to visit the Anne Frank house. Since nobody else except her had even heard of Anne Frank, she had to go there alone. The rest of us went to get some dinner. Later we found out that she had to wait in another line for 45 minutes to get into the museum but nevertheless she had a good experience inside.

All my Estonian mates left me on the third day, so I had to move into a hostel for the next 3 nights. The first day all alone was awesome. I felt really free. I don’t know why… I guess I like to explore places on my own.

I rather quickly fell in love with Amsterdam. It is a beautiful city with the channels, architecture, millions of bikes, weed and prostitutes. One thing I noticed was that all the people were so good looking. Most of the girls looked like supermodels. I think it’s because of all the cycling they do. I fell in love several times each day… there was so much beauty everywhere.

The other cool thing was the sense of freedom. People would walk on a street and light a joint and smoke it like it’s nobody’s business. I loved that!

The Red Lights District was really exciting – especially when I was walking there alone. All the girls behind the glass were asking me to come in or waving for me to come closer. They were very friendly and to my surprise very attractive. I also liked that it was so full of tourists. I saw families with kids walking around, guided tours, couples strolling around and also a few horny men (just like me). It was a very civil and friendly environment. I loved it.

Amsterdam is now my favorite city in Europe.


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