Back to normal

I’ve been studying. A lot. I recently had my advanced diploma exam in pensions planning (AF3). I’ve got a feeling I might actually get a pass… but then again, you can never be too sure. I’ll find out in 2 months. Now I’m slowly getting back into my old routine.


I started running again and did a half marathon today (1:41:50, slow but I was out of the game for a while). I only planned on running 16km but I underestimated today’s new route. I was too lazy to measure my route in the morning, so I just guesstimated it. That’s how I roll! It was actually about 22.5 km but I walked the last 1.4 km because I didn’t want to get too fit and make all the other runners in the park look bad.
They also had the London marathon today. About 35,000 people I think it was. I hope I get to be one of them next year. I’ll register for the public ballot (the registration opens 4th May and will probably only last a few hours until all slots are signed up for, just like was the case last year), but even then it’s a 1/3 chance of actually getting entry into the race. It’s a very popular race you see. Congratulations to all the runners today! No matter what time you finished in or if you didn’t cross the finish line. I am jealous of you all.
I also started dancing again. Oh boy how I missed it. The last two Latin nights were very entertaining – dancing with Germany was awesome! I also noticed a few people from the lower levels moved up a level or two and now I’ve got several more friendly faces in my class as well. Well done kids! 😛
Work used to be very busy due to the end of the tax year (it ends 5th April) but now it’s alright again. Did I mention that our company was supposed to merge with another one? Maybe I did, but that doesn’t matter because the merger was cancelled. The office is still moving but instead of the town centre we’re moving to the building next door, therefore making my strategic houseshare move closer to the town centre look utterly stupid. If something good pops up I’ll move closer to work, I think. I never stay in one place for too long…
I made history at work. I’ve stayed at the same company for more than a year. My previous record was exactly 1 year. Now it’s a solid 14 months. My promotion to a paraplanner position had lots to do with this. I plan that some time this year I can start advising clients (but I need my diploma first).
The UK has elections this year as well. 7th May is election day and it turns out I can vote as well even though I’m not a UK citizen. So I voted for the Green Party. Sustainability and green energy etc are things I value and the world needs a bit more of that.
Oh… did I mention my passport expired. 😀 I’m stuck in England. This isn’t a bad thing, it forces me to travel and explore the UK. I’ve been here for more than a year and all I know is Chelmsford and London. I haven’t done anything touristy. So this morning (as I procrastinated my studies) I made myself a list of places to visit. It’s still a work in progress and in all honesty it’s a boring list when I compare it to my Australian roadtrips. Hey, maybe if I give it a chance, the UK might prove me wrong. If you’re reading this and want to go roadtrippin’ on this island some time this summer, get in touch. I’m also open to suggestions. Let me know of your highlights if you’ve travelled here.



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