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If you guys remember I had a big exam in April. What I didn’t tell you is that I actually took 4 exams and kept quiet about the other 3. I thought that I wouldn’t get much support from the office if they knew I was studying for 4 exams. I thought that if I failed one or more, I would’ve just kept quiet about it.
However the results are in and I passed every single one – 4 out of 4.
After sitting the exams I was sure I failed two because let’s be honest, I didn’t focus on them nearly as much compared to the other two. Turns out I underestimated myself and managed to pass the advanced taxes (AF1), investments (AF4) and pensions (AF3) exams along with the pension income options exam (J05). I am only two exams away from the advanced diploma in financial planning i.e. chartered status if I had 5 years of working experience in the industry. I’m well on track.
My boss was very pleased and said I’ll be getting some client exposure and will move into advising. It’s about time!!!
Next I’ve got Financial Planning Practice (R06) for July 6th – that’s the one I failed in January this year and another one will be in the middle of October. That’s it. All the studying will be over soon and I can stop spending money on exams and study stuff. Looking forward!

Ivar the Nerdacious


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