Brisbane to Sydney

7 AM Sunday morning was the start of my journey from Brisbane CBD. I picked up Robin (she’s from China) and was on my way towards Sydney. The second girl cancelled the night before and I had no time to find anybody else.

As always in such situations we talked about who we were, where we’re from, our interests, Australia etc. Driving conditions were a bit bad because of rain and some thunder but all that stopped after the first 300 km. I think it was at the New Italy rest area where I decided to let Robin drive.

Her driving was a bit messy at first. I should’ve expected that since she’s never driven my car and had little experience driving a stick. The clutch was a bit problematic, I don’t recall her ever using the 3rd gear, once she got a bit confused about which gear she was in (that would explain why she tried to go into reverse after 5th gear). She was also a bit late on the brakes and almost crashed my car into a trailer. Yes she had a few minor hick-ups but that’s just the nature of the beast. Most of the time we were on the highway and she was an absolute delight driving outside of cities. She did about 300 km and I got my rest and was able to reach Sydney.

Robin was funny and very informative. I learned a lot about China. It was good to have her as a passenger. After I dropped her off I went to Bondi Beach because that’s where Caroline (a friend from the Bundaberg farm) lived.

I was very excited once I reached Bondi. The view on the ocean was crazy beautiful and I found out that Caroline lives only 200-300 meters from the beach. Fantastic location. I’m glad I could crash at her place before the interview.

Caroline was living in a flat with her roommate Andrea. If I understood correctly both of them work in the fashion industry, one works for Prada and one for Chanel.

The last time I saw Caroline was in late June, about 5 months ago. A lot has happened since but sadly we didn’t have enough time to properly catch up because I arrived in the evening and had an early start in the morning. It was good to see her. Thanks Caroline for hosting me! I hope I wasn’t too much trouble.


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