In the wild

The last couple of days have been very interesting. One day I was very bored and decided to go on a walk in a forest which was only 6 km from home in Brisbane. The forest was called Karawatha Forest. I had absolutely no other motivation other than being really bored to visit that place. The hike was lovely as I spent about 2 hours in the forest but I felt that next time I should go visit some place bigger… How about a real Australian National Park?

After my hike in Karawatha I Googled some national parks near Brisbane and the very next day I went to Springbrook National Park. It’s 100 km south from Brisbane. As usual, the nature was beautiful. I saw several waterfalls, visited lookouts, enjoyed the stunning views and hiked in the tropics.

I liked that the place wasn’t very crowded. It was Wednesday. I enjoyed listening to the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants. I saw many small lizards, one snake, several kangaroos and wallabies. Luckily no mosquitos were around. All in all it was a great trip to the park.

When I was at Purling Brook Falls lookout, I got a phone call from Aristocrat. It’s an IT company which specializes in chance games with a focus on pokies’ games. I applied for a position as a graduate games designer. Well, since I was in the middle of a jungle when I received the call, I had a very bad signal on my phone and we didn’t really understand each other. I decided to give Aristocrat a call later once I was back in civilization.

I continued my day in the wild. As I was walking on the track it suddenly ended. There was a sign saying that due to a recent landslide only experienced bushwalkers with a topographic map should continue. It also warned about the track being rather steep – the equivalent of 61 floors to reach the top of a hill. That little sign didn’t stop me. I didn’t travel all across the world to be stopped by some landslide or a little hill. I kept on going and although exhausted reached the end of the track. Success! Soon I’ll be putting Crocodile Dundee to shame.

A new and happy day later I called Aristocrat and found out that they wanted to invite me to a graduate assessment day in Sydney on Monday. I was glad that I was invited to a new “decent” job interview. Decent just means something which is related to my university major and isn’t minimum wage. Now I had to work out the logistics. Since I live in Brisbane I had to plan my trip to Sydney and back. I decided that the best way to do that would be by car. After all it was “only” 900 km one way.

I didn’t take the plane because I thought that would be super boring. With a car I would be able to see a bit of Australia’s landscapes and it would feel more like an adventure. I also posted an ad on Gumtree looking for fellow travellers to share the driving costs. It took me less than two days to find two girls for my trips to and from Sydney.

More about my trip in my next post!


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