A week with an old friend

An old friend of mine is staying with me right now. He’s been here for a week so far. The last time I saw him was when I was in Melbourne in April before going to the farm in Bundaberg. Pete (his real name is Peeter) is traveling for a while before he goes back to Estonia.

On Sunday we met at the beach in Gold Coast. We went for a swim and tried surfing. We’re still not able to stand on the surfboard.

On Monday we went to Sunshine Coast and Noosa. We tried surfing again but the waves were a bit too big and scary. The dumping waves were a lot of fun. I liked watching  other people trying to get out of the water just to be smacked hard by one of those dumping waves. People were flying around and falling just before reaching the safety of the land. Hahahahaa… I almost broke my neck doing the same thing.

After surfing we went to the beach at Noosa and visited the Noosa National Park. It was beautiful. This was the second time I visited Noosa. We managed to spot dolphines, rays and turtles. Pete took some photos. I also wrote my name on the beach with some rocks. It should still be there today if the water hasn’t moved the rocks.

We walked in the national park and a group of 5 or 6 people came towards us. I noticed a snake was crossing the track but that group didn’t notice the snake. They sort of just walked right over it. It was unreal. I tried to get into the shot with the snake but Pete’s camera had a fancy lense on it which wasn’t any good for short distance photographs. We googled „snakes at Noosa“ at home and think that it was a Brown Snake – the world’s second most venomous snake.

On our way back from the park we saw tourists looking up into the trees. They spotted a koala. That was the first wild koala I’ve seen in Australia.

This Tuesday I thought that we should do something cool – for example go for a swim in a pond under a waterfall. We decided to go to visit Cedar Creek Falls near Mount Tamborine. The water was a bit cold at first but after a bit it was perfectly refreshing. I liked diving into the water and sliding down the slippery slide. We continued the day in the nearby nature, completed a Skywalk and visited the Knoll National Park.

This Wednesday we went for a quick surf at Gold Coast. The sky was very dark and it started to rain but that didn’t stop us. We were in the water until the lifeguards told all the people to get out.

We spent the next day hiking. We drove to the Glass House Mountains to conquer Mount Tibrogargan. An information board said that it would take us 1.5 hours to complete track #1. We finished it in 45 minutes and concluded that we’re hardcore backpackers and nothing can stop us. So we started on track #3 which was recommended for experienced climbers only. We went up the rocky and curvy road for a couple of hundred meters until the mountain become almost vertical. There were red marks on the cliff which showed the path up to the top.

We only climbed about 10 meters of that vertical wall until I got too scared to continue. You know… up on that wall suddenly everything became very real very fast – each step I made, each rock I hanged on to had to be secure. One mistake and I’d hurt myself pretty badly. I got an adrenaline rush. For a moment I felt alive again.

A local bloke told us that 10 meter climb was the scariest bit but even he didn’t climb any higher. He said that “his mind started to play tricks on him”. We didn’t conquer the mountain. But the view from there was great.

After our adventure in the mountains we went to Caloundra to end the day with some surfing. Louisa from work said that she loved that place and recommended an ice-cream and smoothie shop at Kings Beach. So after our smoothies we went for a surf. I loved the place.

Today I was supposed to host a couchsurfer from Taiwan but he couldn’t come tonight. He’ll be here tomorrow.

Until next time,

Ivar the Salacious


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