Before I left Brisbane

Last time I wrote that I was planning to host a couchsurfer. And that’s exactly what I did. I never brake a promise (except when I do, sorry). Allen, from Taiwan, spent 2 days at my place. We had a BBQ on the last day which was a lot of fun (probaby because of all the alcohol… don’t tell mom about it!).

Since I’ve been a good old vegetarian, yes you heard that right, vegetarian – I made some veggie burgers for the BBQ. Everybody loved them because I’m such an awesome master chef! For the carnivores I made some real burgers with greasy juicy pieces of meat between them. Those burgers are a sure fire recipe for all sorts of future health problems because they immediately clog 80% of your heart’s blood vessels after consumption. Oh well.. bon apetit! PS: Eating meat is very bad and you shouldn’t do it.

Once we were all fattened up with the burgers we just relaxed in the hammock, played some guitar, had a beer on top of a dozen other beers and just relaxed. It was a hot day. Somehow I managed to burn all the hair on my arms… damn that awesome grill and it’s devious ways.

The day after Allen left us we (me and Pete) went to Bribie Island. It’s really close to Brisbane… in fact it should be part of Brisbane if I’m correct. We went for a swim, checked out the beach, tried surfing and had a little workout in a park. Sometimes the parks in Australia have excercise equipment. Anywho… I remember I was working out and eating potato chips at the same time to keep things balanced. You know the Ying and the Yang. Eight-pack here I come!

In the evening we saw some crabs at the beach crawling on the rocks. They were nasty as hell, we were too chicken to catch them. Gross.

We also went to Gold Coast a couple of times to practice surfing. Pete was able to stand on the board for a second or two but I’ve yet to reach his level of mastery.

Alrighty… a couple days ago I noticed a post in the Estonians in Australia Facebook group. There was a girl who was looking for a place to stay in Brisbane. Just for the weekend. Since I’m so generous and generally such a good person I decided that I will offer her a room in my villa. Luckily for her she was based in Gold Coast and I was planning to go surfing, I ended up picking her up and driving her to my place. Her name’s Agni. I know what you’re thinking… “the only reason you offered to host her is because she looked blond and pretty on her profile pic”. Yeah yeah, there was a little bit of that, but my actions were mostly motivated by all the goodness inside of me and the desire to help others in need.

On Sunday all the people living under the same roof as me, went to watch a cricket game at the Gabba stadium. The game was very exciting. Sadly it was such a short game. It only lasted 3 hours. None of the Estonians knew a thing about the game and so we just tried to figure it out ourselves. One hour into the game my roomie Benn and his girl Emily joined us. They gave us a quick introduction to cricket and explained its awesomeness to us. Apparently it’s awesome because it’s so boring and to prevent from dying of boredom people start doing waves, they shout, cheer and dance – it’s a real show.

Ok then. We survived the game. Now I’m a proud Aussie culture consumer. After the game we went for a night out in a pub with Benn’s friends. We talked about politics… we’re such snobs.

On the same day of the cricket game, Agni was looking for a rideshare up north to find a job on a farm and meet with her brother in Bundaberg. She got a couple offers. Pete bought his flight tickets back to Estonia.

Let me tell you guys, buying tickets internationally isn’t easy. First Pete had to find the travel company’s IBAN on Google because they never shared it with him. The company was also very bitchy about payments. They said that the money has to be transfered into their account the next businessday by 5PM. If the money isn’t received by then, the booking will be cancelled. Pete was a bit worried because international money transfers might take a couple of days but luckily he got an email from the travel company which said that they received the money.

Next day the company emailed Pete again and asked for an additional €15 because they didn’t receive the full amount with Pete’s first money transfer. Again they threatened to cancel the booking if the money wasn’t transferred by 5PM the next business day. Bastards! In one email they said, they got the money and the next day they ask for more and threaten to cancel the tickets because of €15. Welcome to Estonia my friends! Pete transfered the huge sum of €15 and got confirmation of receipt. He’s leaving Australia on the 24th Dec.

So here’s the situation. Agni wants to go north, Pete is leaving Australia in 2 weeks and my job situation is pretty bad (usually I get short term gigs through a job agency but last month I only worked 3 days) which leaves me with lots of free time on my hands. We decided that we’re all going on a roadtrip to Cairns and back to Brisbane. Agni will travel up to Bundaberg. I also noticed Rachel (the Canadian I did a rideshare with earlier) posting on Facebook about going on a roadtrip too.. so I contacted her and talked her into giving the finger to her other rideshare option and joining us instead. My negotiation skills are the sh*t!

Next time about my trip,

The Cricket enthusiast


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