Breaking news: rain, floods, disaster, oh the horror, the horror

So, hello again. I’ve been hosting a couple of cuchsurfers since Pete left: a French-Canadian girl, a British girl, two Germans and two Americans. One German is still here. He’s a 19 year old kid who’s been actively looking for work to continue his travels. He’s been staying here for more than a week.

In a way he reminds me of myself when I was in the United States. I too was 19 and didn’t have any money/work and ended up living with 2 awesome American families who helped me out.

I spent Australia day (26th Jan) at home doing nothing because of all the rain. Yes, the wet season has arrived. Oh the horror!

Bundaberg (last year I worked on a farm in that region) has been hit the worst. It’s got record-braking floods, helicopters rescued people from rooftops. They were warned about the floods but most people ignored the warnings and thought to themselves “just relaaaaaaaaax mate, have another XXXX or another shot of Bundy rum, no worries mate the water will never reach my house”. There were a couple of small tornadoes in Bundaberg as well. Cool stuff, eh?

Here’s a video of Bundaberg I found on Youtube:

Brisbane has several suburbs affected by the flood but nothing is as bad as Bundaberg. Smaller streets had a lot of leafs and debris on them. Several trees were knocked over by the wind. The city declared an “emergency” situation (I don’t really know what this means). Luckily I live in a house on a massive mountain safely away from all the high water.

As I drove to work today I noticed that some traffic lights weren’t working (do I have to give way to people on the right hand side when driving on the left???). One building at work didn’t have any power so we had to move some tables and chairs around. My workday lasted only 4 hours.

Since I work near the Brisbane river I checked it out. The water level was higher but not too bad. I noticed that the river smelled like rotten leafs or something.

All the news channels have same-story-syndrome. All they talk about is the floods and rain. It’s really boring to listen to.

On a side note:  watching news is very depressing. Most of the time they talk about disasters, deaths, murders, wars … all bad stuff. That’s why I try to avoid news whenever possible. Why do I need to find out how awful the world is out there? I’d rather do the opposite and for example read the 1000 Awesome Things blog.

PS: I realize the irony that I just wrote a post which is similar to a news story about a natural disaster. Sorry guys!


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