The little things in life

I was standing in line. The girl in front of me was talking to the instructor and it seems they had a lot to discuss. As I waited I looked around in the room and felt a bit lost. Some people were laying on their backs with a cloth on their eyes, waiting.

The brunette finished her chat and I introduced myself. I said that this was my first time there and sometimes my back was a bit sore. I also wanted to try something new. Dan replied: „Very good, go grab a mat, a pillow, a belt…“

I walked nervously to the corner of the room, left my sandals, phone and car keys. After that I grabbed my equipment and claimed my territory between a beer bellied man and a cougar. Excellent spot I thought. I will look like Prince Charming next to these two!

Slowly the room filled with people. Most of them were youngish, but some looked like they could already taste the soil of their graves :D. Alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you should know that I consider people older than 25 to be old…

For every man there were 3-4 females. Sweet! The cherry on top of the cake was the hot girl who parked her mat right in front of me. Oh! The joys of the little things in life… 😀

So far so good! Dan greeted the class and started my first yoga lesson. We started with focusing on our breathing and practiced being aware of our bodies and thoughts. Later we started stretching from one pose to another. I stretched muscles, I didn’t even know existed.

I was sweating and couldn’t believe how bad a shape I was in. There were several poses I was not able to hold as long as others – either my hands or legs got too tired. Planking was the hardest thing to do. I think that nobody in the class was able to hold a high plank for 10 seconds, move into a half plank for another 10 second and then 10 seconds in a low plank. People just collapsed to the floor. Now that’s a hard exercise!

Dan told us that planking was a very good analogue to our daily lives. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with our lives and the only thing we can do is surrender. Give in. Nobody is able to plank for a whole day. I liked that! We all need some time to forget everything and rest on the floor for a change.

The yoga class ended similarly to the way it started. We tried to notice our thoughts, focused on the feelings in our bodies and asked ourselves how we were.

I felt great!

I loved this morning. Again next week!


Future yoga guru,



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