Iiiiiit’s Salsa time

I went to the front desk and was greeted by the teacher (Helen?). I loved the fact that she was from Russia and I was able to practice a little bit of Russian. Several people were waiting in the lobby and I joined them.

We went upstairs into the dancing studio which had several big mirrors on a wall. I looked at my reflection and thought I looked stupid, especially when practicing my salsa steps. Moving my arms back and forth made me look like a chicken. Not a pretty sight. Several minutes after we started the lesson, Ian took over and continued teaching.

The good news was that everybody else was awful at dancing too. Kinda like me, so I felt good about that. We paired up and switched partners every couple of minutes. That part I liked because dancing with somebody who’s 30-40 cm shorter than you is just plain wrong (unless you’re dacing with your grandkids or something).

One guy had odd shoes on his feet. They looked like Vibram Fivefingers but they were all dark brown and leathery. Weirdo… Maybe there’s more to it. Maybe he uses those shoes as an icebraker. All I was able to ask my partners was their name and whether they had done any dancing before… sort of a dead end conversation. I know, I know, I’m a real Casanova in the making!

Oh yeah, the reason I started taking dancing lessons is because it’s on my bucket list. I want to be able to do all those fancy dance moves as in Dancing with the Stars. Funny how having a list can motivate me to do stuff.

The lesson was a lot of fun, I enjoyed the „Yes!!! We didn’t fuck it up this time“ moments with my dancing partners. Figuring something out or having a bit of success feels really good. I’m looking forward to my next lesson.


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