Another day, another interview

Peter sat in his red chair. In fact we were all sitting in red chairs at a round table. Charlie, an older man, sat opposite of Peter. Charlie reminded me of David Harding… I liked him and his white hair. He seemed to be very „down to earth“. Peter was much younger. If I cut my hair short it would look exactly like his.

Deja vu, my friends, deja vu. About 3 years ago I applied for a trading trainee position at a prop trading business. Same setting: an older man (the owner) and a younger guy, the interview was in English in a fancy building. That interview was a disaster. I remember they told me what the salary for that role was going to be. It was much bigger than I expected plus a quarterly bonus from my profits. I was all smiles and asked them „When could I start?“. 😀 Idiot… Face palm… Stupid!

15 minutes, that was the shortest interview in my life. But I got the job! Back then. Funny how things turned out?

Today the interview went much better. Charlie said that it’d take only 20 minutes. They kept that promise. This was my second shortest job interview.

The associate equities analyst position I applied for was at a small boutique investment research company which employs only three people. They gave me a quick overview of what this role was about and some background about the company. I was asked several questions. They mostly wanted to know how interested I was in financial markets. I think I did quite well until another dreadful deja vu moment surfaced. Is it me or are all deja vu moments bad?

They asked me about my visa. I said I have a working holiday visa and I’m looking for a way to make a career in Australia and stay here permanently. I was a bit pissed because my resume has that visa information in it and they should have known about it. I had a similar job interview in January when everything went downhill once the visa question was asked. Same story. I guess employers don’t read resumes. The other explanation is that I’m a masochist – I enjoy pain and suffering. So I subconciously deleted the visa section from my resume and applied for those positions. Maybe that’s the case.

Anyway, I’m grateful I had the opportunity to gain some interview experience. Things went relatively well and my visa issue is actually something which is largely out of my control, so I shouldn’t beat myself up because of it. It is what it is.


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