Parking skills

Yesterday I was in a hurry to get to my latin dancing class. They moved my class to Wednesday because the Friday classes didn’t attract enough people. The parking lot was full and I left my car on a street.

The studios were packed with wannabe dancers. I claimed my territory on the floor and started mimicking other people’s movements. Similar to last time we switched partners every couple of minutes and generally I enjoyed the lesson. We learned turns. Sure, I got a bit dizzy after a while but it was funny.

It’s interesting to change partners because every girl/woman is different. Some of them dance really close to you, others keep a huge distance. Some are short, some are almost my height. Some are terrible dancers and some are very focused. And they all react different when they mess up. They apologize, they laugh, they pretend nothing happened. It’s very entertaining.

I do struggle with one thing. Where am I supposed to look when I’m dancing with someone? I cant look them into the eyes because they’re complete strangers and it feels awkward. Staring is creepy! It’s a bit easier when you’re conversing. I need to polish my small-talk skills.

I remember Helen asked us what’s the place a dancer is not allowed to look at? I thought to myself „BREASTS! Don’t stare at their BREASTS!“ :D. But I kept my mouth shut, this ain’t highschool. The right answer was feet. You’re not supposed to look at your feet when you’re dancing.

After class I walked to my car and noticed a piece of cardboard on my windscreen. First I thought it was a huge parking ticket but it turned out to be a message from some guy commenting on my awesome parking skills: „Bro you parked over our driveway. What a dick move. Don’t do it again! Your mother was a hamster!“. I just laughed. It made my day!


Good luck with your parking,

Son of a hamster


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