Am I going to die?

What’s the point of scheduling an appointment if nobody cares about it? My chest X-ray was supposed to be at 2 PM. I arrived 15 minutes earlier, waited in line for 20 minutes to get to the receptionist and then had to wait another 30 minutes to get to the “radiology” room. Welcome to Australia!

The real kicker was this: after taking the X-ray the radiologist told me that he needed to do a second X-ray. I told myself “no reason to panic, I probably moved when the picture was taken or something”. Before the second attempt I was asked whether I’ve had chest pains. Not to my knowledge. And that was it, no further comment about my lungs. Am I fine? What was wrong with the picture? Am I going to die? Great things to ponder about for the next couple of days…

Another retarded thing is that I need to come back to the clinic in 2 business days to pick up the X-ray paperwork and mail it to Sydney. Why can’t the people at the clinic mail it themselves? It’s just stupid.

I hope all this trouble is worth it,

PS: It’s not my X-ray in the picture.


2 thoughts on “Am I going to die?

  1. Before coming to Australia I also needed to get a chest X-ray. Back then the doctor told me that I am prone to develop asthma in the future and I need to “take care” of my lungs… Needless to say, I stopped smoking two blocks of cigarettes a day and drinking ethanol. Looks like these changes have had no effect on my lungs.

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