Social dancing

One of the instructors said something which I couldn’t get out of my head. It took her three months until her first social dancing night and that in retrospect she regretted not going any sooner. The words “first” and “regret” just kept repeating in my mind. I like to do “firsts” and exploring new things. I also thought that I’m not going to repeat my teacher’s mistakes and decided that this weekend I have to go to the social dancing thing. No more excuses.

There was a workshop first. We had a guest instructor – Becky Lee. She’s Bruce Lee’s hot sister who just happens to be a professional dancer and of course a Kung-Fu master. The workshop was in Cha Cha Cha – something I vaguely remembered from high-school. It turned out to be an intermediate/advanced workshop, so I was a bit out of my league, but just only a tiny little bit.

The only part I enjoyed was saying “Cha-Cha-Cha” out loud when dancing stumbling about. I was good at that. 😀

Later we grabbed a partner and rotated the girls. I kept apologizing to everyone because of the lack of motor functions in my feet. Luckily I caught a break when I had to dance with a girl from my current class. Boy, I’ve never been so happy to see her! It was good to suck at the same time with a partner (although she was better than me).

Here’s what Becky taught us (somehow watching the video the steps don’t seem so advanced):

The workshop ended and it was time for some social dancing. Most of the night I danced with the same girl and I had lots of fun. It’s funny that you forget EVERYTHING once you’re on the dance floor on your own. But slowly we started to remember the moves and steps. And of course we invented many new shines and styles that night too.

I also had to seize the day and danced with Becky. After all she’s a professional and could dramatically improve my technique. I liked that she gave me many pointers and was very helpful. If I continue my current learning curve then one day very soon in the future I’ll be the one who gives pointers to wannabe professionals.

By the way I’ve been having so much fun in my Latin dancing classes that I’ve singed up for 9 lessons a week (starting in 2 weeks, currently I “only” do 5 classes a week). I thought that if you really enjoy something you should spend more time doing it.



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