The best things in life

Sometimes I can be a little slow. It’s true what they say. We, men, don’t understand hints. We don’t understand BIG hints, nor do we understand small hints. We absolutely don’t get obvious hints.

Here’s what happened. During my Latin dancing lesson a girl told me she was really hungry. I immediately thought about the watermelon I had in my car just sitting on the passenger seat. I said nothing because for some reason associating black people and watermelons is racist. But that was really the case. I bought it before class and generally eat watermelon quite often to get my daily vitamin A and C.

So I just kept practicing my steps and was glad when I heard “Change partners”. Those two words ended the awkward silence. Once I was driving home it hit me. She was flirting (well, seriously, who can resist my charm? :D) and wanted to go grab a bite somewhere… Oh well, you live and you learn. Funny how my mind works…


A couple days later

I agreed to go to Cloudlands – a fancy club in Fortitude Valley. Goldilocks (her hair isn’t really golden :)) talked me into it, more or less. I thought that one late night in a work week won’t be the end of me.

Our group had six people. We all sort of knew each other from our Latin dancing courses but didn’t really socialize outside the class. That needed to change and a social dancing event at Cloudlands presented a good opportunity.

We also decided to carpool. Princess picked me up and I actually got to know her and others a little bit during the ride. Everybody seemed so interesting, I felt out of place.

First there was a Cuban Salsa workshop at the club. It was intense! Very fast, but lots of fun! We learned some new interesting moves. Well, at least I did. I liked the clapping and jumping parts!

After the workshop everybody danced salsa and bachata. I thought that after almost 3 months of dancing lessons I knew what I was doing until Goldilocks danced with this other guy. He was very good on his feet and made her look fantastic even though she’s just as much of a beginner as me. It’s amazing how much better the dancing looks when someone knows how to lead. I was jealous. Still am. I need to up my game.

Even though my world was shattered in front of my eyes, I managed to have a really good night – it’s always fun to dance with Goldilocks, Princess and Blondie. The best part was the end of night.

As we drove home I quite randomly asked whether anybody had an electric guitar with and amp to lend me. To everybody’s surprise Blondie did 😀 Sweet!

Oh I was excited, I was about to get a guitar! I’ve been wanting to learn to play Canon Rock by Pachebel and Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd for years. The only problem was that I needed an electric guitar for that. I didn’t want to buy any more stuff since I’m very likely to leave Australia in December (I’m going to New Zealand, I got my working holiday visa). I was in the right place at the right time. Now I can practice the songs properly, playing on the acoustic isn’t quite the same. Thank you Blondie!

It’s true – the best things in life are free!

Best Things In Life Are Free


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