New tricks and my second half marathon

The look in her eyes was pure horror. She laughed her way through the solo skydive but two days ago she was likened to a shaky leaf. Princess probably thought I’d drop and break her. Her concerns were valid since I’m hardly the strongest person on the block.

Picking up chicks was the easy part, lifting them a whole other matter. I was really glad to participate in the lifts and tricks workshop. The fancy moves we learned – backbends, between legs lifts, high lifts and the dirty dancing lift – are the very reason why I started Latin dancing.

It was very entertaining too! We had a bit too much fun as one of the instructors pointed out. 😀

The next day I was pretty sore because I’ve never really done any upper body training. It was good to practice the movements again during the social dancing night. I sure hope we made others look bad with our new bag of tricks. 😀

Dirty dancing lift

No dancing today. I had an early 5 AM start to get myself to a half marathon race (21.1 km). Not a big event though – I think about 400 people participated. As always, I ran barefoot.

My goal was to follow the 1:30 pacer and make a new personal best. Everything was going well until about the 6th km. That’s when I managed to cut my foot on a rock or something. The injury was near my big toe. That was the end of my good speed and I just focused on finishing the race no matter the time.

I was run-limping for most of the next 15 km. It sucked to see so many people pass me but it felt great to cross the finish line. I shot a big V with my arms for the finishing photo. As I crossed the line the voice from the speakers said my name and commented “he’s got the right attitude finishing with style, a barefoot runner”. That was so cool! Later, a bunch of people asked me questions about barefoot running, they were all so interested or just wanted to check whether I was fair dinkum or not.

All I know is that it took me about 1:45-2:00 to finish. No new personal best but I was pretty happy to complete my second half marathon. I hope to find out the official results tomorrow.



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