The trolls at work

A piece of me died when I stepped into the same building again.  Last year I worked on the NAPLAN project too and it was super boring. 1.5 years in Australia and I’m still in the same place… I’m a lot like Ted Mosby I think.

career and lovelife

I went to the kitchen area and as I scanned the newbies in the kitchen trying to decide where to sit, I suddenly saw this gorgeous woman. Being good mannered and all I moved in to keep her company… Aaah, she’s from Brazil. I should go there instead of New Zealand.

About two minutes into our conversation I found out she was married. The blood moved back into my brain and I didn’t feel like talking to her anymore. The memories of that dark and grim workplace started to came back to me. I sighed in utter despair. Oh, the things you have to do for money…

The saddest part was that I wasn’t the only one doing that project again. It really seems I’m one of those people who lead quiet lives of desperation.

We did a bit of super boring work, as expected. But then I got creative. I can’t help but let my mind wander when not doing anything interesting. So, there I was working with about 100 people in the same room typing stuff into a computer imagining that everybody else was a troll, just like in the pic and =3 video below. 😀


The trolls turned my frown upside down and time started to pass faster. The good thing is that I’ll be working there only for one month and I don’t have any super early starts anymore – no more 4AM shifts. I can go to work like a normal person again. It’s also closer to home so I might cycle or run to work to get a bit more exercise into my marathon training.

At the end of the day things weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be. Besides I might make some new friends too. Oh and did I mention… the female to male ratio is awesome! There are about 20 women/girls per man. Sweet!



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