Too dumb

I put my hands together and extended my index fingers – just like the hypnotizer instructed. Then he said that the fingers want to stay together but he challenged us to try to separate them. As I did that the fingers magically came closer and closer and closer until they touched. The man said that if my fingers came together I was a good subject for being hypnotized. Then he asked volunteers to come on the stage and my hand was waving fanatically.

People who are stupid can’t be hypnotized. That’s what I was told. Or maybe it was a joke? I will never know.

About 12 people were sitting on chairs on the stage and we were all hypnotized – except that it didn’t work on me. I kept my eyes shut and tried to relax and focus on his words but that had no effect on me.

Other than that the show was funny. He got people to dance like Elvis or like a chicken. People were laying square eggs, looking for their imaginary dog… He transformed several men into supermodels on a catwalk and got them to do lap dances for people in the audience. The guy sitting next to me was turned into a 4 year old girl who found his mother’s make-up kit and played dress up. I saw all that and it was real. They weren’t pretending.

Cool stuff. Thank you Princess for the tickets!

After the show I walked slowly back to Prince Charming’s car because my back was still hurting but at least I could walk (massive improvement).

I’ve done no running in the last 7 days. The most I could do is 3 seconds of jogging in one place. There’s no way I’ll be running a marathon this Saturday – that miracle recovery thing isn’t happening.

Ivar the Turtle


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