Rock bottom

Some of my friends might remember what I said back in uni. I used to say that exercising was harmful for your health. I knew so many people who were always complaining that they can’t run or cycle or play basketball because of their knee or some other injury.  Now I’m one of those people… but I’ll get better and will be smarter about training in the future. It’s only harmful if you overtrain or go too far too soon.
I also thought that the gym was for the weak. I still think so. Hey, think about it. If you were as strong as Hercules you wouldn’t need a gym. You’d be done! Finished! 😀
I don’t know what I’ll do this Saturday. Maybe I’ll do the half marathon instead or the 11km or the 6km and just walk it. It’s rather disappointing – I’ve been looking forward to the marathon for so long.
At least it’s a good life lesson – things don’t always go as planned. You get hurt. And life can suck. Maybe I’m one of those people who have really bad luck. I think if it was raining pussy I’d still get hit in the head with a dick.
I’ve been in similar situations before. Hey, we’ve all been there… rock bottom… In my case there’s rock bottom, 50 feet of crap and THEN there’s me. Hello! Yes, you’re smiling because you can relate to that. 😀

rock bottom
In retrospect all the bad stuff was just a bump in the road. Things got better, they always have and why would this time be different. I’m looking forward to the next day, marathon or not. Carpe diem!

Ivar the PepTalkGuy


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