Pretty in Pink

Flashing. I know it’s been almost two months since my last post. I didn’t write because quite frankly not much was happening in my life. I was unemployed for most of that time. Having no money closes many doors.

My financial situation didn’t allow me to continue taking Latin dancing lessons. So I took a break until a friend of mine mentioned a really cool thing to me. H said there was going to be a flash mob in Brisbane and it’s only $40 to participate. I signed up immediately – I’ve been wanting to do a flash mob for a long time.

We practiced our choreography at least once a week and I did extra practice sessions with my awesome dancing partner Bunny. It was a very entertaining process.

Here’s a video of all the people worldwide practicing the same choreography:

I think it’s so cool that over 160 cities worldwide took part in the flash mob. To my knowledge the biggest group of flashers was right here in Brisbane – about 100 people.

FYI Bunny is a bit weird… you know like all women. She suggested that I should wear pink on the big day. I wasn’t very excited about her idea but decided to go through with it just because. I ended up wearing more pink than she did.

Here’s the video of us flashing in Brisbane. The clumsy tall guy wearing pink in the front row is me. 😀 Enjoy!

It was a thrill and I loved the experience. Just 30 minutes after our first performance we did the flash mob again at TEDxBrisbane during their lunch break. We spent the rest of the day having a picnic/BBQ in a park with some dancing. Thank you James (our instructor) for making this happen. You were fantastic!

Volunteering. This is another thing I wanted to do and several weeks ago I ticked this item off my bucket list. I went to a spring festival and volunteered in the ticket booth. It was super easy work but not very fulfilling. It wasn’t meaningful. Maybe if I had volunteered in a soup kitchen or something I would’ve felt better about myself… I might try that one day.


Work. About two weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to become a delivery driver. After all I had a car and I should use my resources in the most efficient way… said the homo economicus voice inside of me. “Luckily” I found a job. The interview was a very short one and they were happy to have me even though I’m driving a small hatchback Ford Festiva. They said that in the upcoming months before Christmas the number of small parcels will increase and they’re a bit bad for vans but perfect for small cars.

Anyway a day later I started my deliveries and discovered very quickly how stressful this job really was. For starters constant traffic noise, getting lost and dealing with upset customers were just some of my hurdles. Parking was a nightmare in the CBD and rush hour was never pleasant especially under time pressure – I had to deliver things before the shop/business closes. I wasn’t very happy about the pay either… to make decent money I’d need a van/ute. Deliveries with a van would double my income compared to the hatchback.

I did the courier driver gig for 6 days until I found a new job. This time I got a call from a plywood manufacturing company. I had applied for a job back there months ago and I didn’t even remember what the role was. I met the manager, had a quick talk and now I’m a process worker in that factory.

I’ve been there one week. It’s not a fancy job, but it pays the bills. I’m doing a bit of everything at the moment – working on the lathe, drier, gluer and press – all the production steps of plywood.

Until next time,

The Flasher in Pink


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