Bros before hoes


A week ago I asked my female colleagues for a calculator. I needed one for my personal taxation (CII R03) exam which was on the following day. Normally I’d use my phone’s calculator but mobiles weren’t allowed during the exam. I asked one of the girls and she said no because she “was using it at the moment”. The second girl gave me the same answer. It felt a lot like as if I asked them for a kidney.

Yeah, sure you need a kidney and are using it at the moment. BUT a calculator… who? What? Why can’t you live a day without a handheld calculator?

I think this was strange. By the way I get along really well with them which makes it so weird.

Then I asked Steve who had no problem what so ever lending it to me. I should’ve asked my bro first. Go SteveO!

Exam day. I felt very confident I’d pass because this exam had a good bit of maths in it and I’m good at that. Turned out I failed the exam. I had too many questions about trust taxation which I knew was my weak spot but I thought they’d ask only one or two questions about it. I underestimated the importance of trusts and maybe was a bit unlucky with the exam I got.

I rebooked the exam for today. I did a bit of revising over the long weekend (Monday was a bank holiday) but didn’t feel any smarter than when I first took the exam.

I even went to my Latin dancing classes yesterday – a day before the exam – and came home late in the evening. Gotta know my priorities… The good news is that I passed. I’m a genius!

I really did feel quite good after the social yesterday. I had this little high from the evening. I think it’s because I decided to dance only with the ladies I have most fun with. And then I left on a high note. That high note stuff is powerful!

Some girls are absolutely amazing when it comes to technique, timing and remembering combos but they’re Nazis when it comes to mistakes or improvisation. It’s great to learn from these girls and they give fantastic feedback but they are dull dancing partners. I don’t aim to become a super fancy dancer, it’s entertainment and a hobby. I don’t take it too seriously. On many occasions I look forward to that moment when I mess up the steps and fix it with my own never-seen-before “styling elements”. That’s how I roll! Literally! A good bodyroll is a perfect comeback from any awkward and embarrassing situation. 😛


On a different note I will go to Estonia next week – my sister is getting married. This time my visit will last only 3 days which is great. I had mixed emotions about my previous 10 day visit, so this time I’ll keep it short and a bit more organized.

If you’d like to catch up in person and happen to be in Estonia 5-7 Sept, then send me a message on FB or comment below and let’s have a meet.


Ivar the Tax Professional



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