J10 and a glimpse of Hollywood

I was doing a mock exam (J10 – Discretionary investment management) at work during my lunch break. It was a 90 question multiple choice test. And it was piss easy. Half way through it I booked the exam for next week.  I gave myself 9 days to study. The exam was already booked before I asked my manager for her blessing to get the exam day off from work. That’s just how I roll.

Fast forward to exam day, I took the wrong tube line from Liverpool Street station and had some logistic difficulties finding my way to the Whitechapel station. Once at Whitechapel, I sort of knew where I had to go because I did an exam there in December. Somehow, it seems that I got lost and had to ask around to find the place. A bit of panicky running until I blissfully reached the place about 5 minutes before the exam started.

The questions in the exam were very different from my mock exams but I still managed to pass. I was worried though. My preparation for this exam was really bad – I didn’t even open the study book (in fact I didn’t have the correct book to begin with). Oh well… a pass is a pass.

Sitting the exam on a Wednesday was a strategic decision. My zouk classes were later in the day at Leicester Square and I had a good 2-3 hours to kill in between. I went to Leicester Square and watched The Hobbit at Odeon. Being a tight-ass I used my NUS card (student card) and only paid £8.

There was also a big crowd at the square. Turns out it was a movie premier event – red carpet and all. I saw Will Smith and Margot Robbie but wasn’t close enough to get an autograph or anything. This was the closest I’ve ever been to Hollywood.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie

It was a busy day and to top it off, the dancing was really good that night as well. I learned a few cool moves and met some new people.

Oh and before I go, don’t forget to treat your special someone in an extra nice way today!

Happy Valentines,



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